A Body Tangled in Time: A Tapestry of Self-Love and Shadow Work

By Nastashia Minto

$18.00 paperback; $8.99 ebook.

In A Body Tangled in Time, Nastashia Minto honors the process of sitting with, in, and around the trauma imprinted in her body. Through poetry, song, and story, she detangles herself from skewed self-perceptions and tears apart old defense mechanisms that no longer serve her. In their place, she weaves a new tapestry of understanding, love, and openness to change. Her writing is a reminder that sitting in the discomfort of the past allows us to bask in the comfort of making it through.

Naked: The rhythm and groove of it. The depth and length to it.

By Nastashia Minto

$13.00 paperback; $6.99 ebook.

In this poetic memoir, Nastashia Minto strips herself of who she used to be and gives readers permission to see her naked. Exploring topics of family, faith, race, sexuality, abuse, love, and identity, Minto’s words dig up rootbound emotions in need of better soil. This collection welcomes difficult conversations and allows space for unboxing uncertainties. By making herself transparent on the page, Minto inspires readers to become naked too.

Fashionably Late

Fashionably Late: Gay, Bi, and Trans Men Who Came Out Later in Life

Edited by Vinnie Kinsella

Contributing Authors: Patrick Cornelius, William Dameron, Clayton Delery-Edwards, David Gillespie, Wayne Gregory, Andrew L. Huerta, Anil Kamal, David B. Livingstone, David Meischen, Samuel Peterson, Robert L. Ramsay, Joseph Schreiber, Joseph A. Shapiro, Reid Vanderburgh, Jean-Pierre Vidrine, and Van Waffle.

$14.95 paperback; $6.99 ebook.

What happens when adult men come out? What triumphs and struggles do they experience? The stories in this collection explore the impact of exposing long-held secrets. Filled with tales about divorce, conversion therapy, misadventures in dating, overcoming bigotry, and gender exploration, Fashionably Late paints a vivid picture of gay, bisexual, and transgender men experiencing their second coming of age.